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Body Spa Couple Massage
Body Spa / Couple Massage
Find true romance with our rose infused spa treatment. Slough away tired skin with our roses body massage feel relaxed and soothed with our roses body massage and end the experience with head massage.
Indian Ayurvedic Massage
Indian Ayurvedic Massage
This ancient Indian massage technique not only has medical benefits but also helps in claming the nervous, lymphatic and circulatory systems. It is characterized by long strokes, flowing movements and marma point therapy, heightens awareness to direct the internal healing system of the body.
Beauty Care Skin Care
Beauty Care / Skin Care
This facial concentrates on giving you a fresh and healthy complexion. Cleansing, gentle exfoliation, toning and moisturising is accompanied by a rejuvenating massage to the face, neck and shoulders, include a hand massage with moisturising cream.

About Indore Spa Service

Indore Spa Service believes that a spa unfolds a way of life. Indore Spa Service offers a spectrum of authentic and traditional Indian wellness treatments and experience in a stylish and soothing ambience. Highly trained professional and dedicated spa therapists offer treatments with unique products made from pure Indian herbs, Indian aromatherapy oils, natural creams and special ingredients.

Indore Spa Service Experience:

To visit Indore Spa Service is not just to experience a massage or a scrub, it is a total experience where all senses are pleasantly excited.

Smell - Our incenses and Oils-all made from the finest herbs and aromatic oils.

Touch - Our treatments and massage-the healing touch and the transfer of positive energies.

Vision - Our decorations reflect our commitment to beauty, with respect to local decorative traditions, including genuine Indian antiques and all natural materials wherever possible.

Sound - Our music is attuned to each and every treatment. Just listen to the nature, the sea, a river, the wind in the trees.

Taste - Our herbal teas are specially selected for pleasant taste and healing properties.

Anticipation - Our Spa atmosphere invites pleasant thought drifting and escape from the busting world around us.